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Wall Altar/ Niche - "Gothic" Large

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Hand Carved Wall Niche Altar - Santorini

Hand carved Wall altar in our Darwin Studio, The "Gothic" Wall Altar measures approximately 30 cm tall x 20cm wide x 10cm thick and features a beautifully sculpted arch. The internal  niche measures approximately 18 cm x 15cm x  7.5cm deep. 

The niche can be wall mounted, or sit on a shelf, or wherever you see fit. It comes with a two-part wall mounting hook designed to hold up to 10kg. One part of the hook is attached to the back of the altar, the other you screw to your wall.

Each piece is rendered in a natural lime finish and can be dusted and cleaned with a damp cloth. As it is a natural finish some dust residue may be present. Each niche is sealed with several coats to ensure it can be used internally and externally. However, care should be taken as the natural render coat can be damaged

Wall Altars are available by pre order, Pre Orders are a Maximun of 2 weeks, we will advise of turnaround times on purchase.

*Please note, burning a candle is at your own risk - however the render is nonflameable but it is not recommended to come in contact with a flame as it will blacken.  The wall niche will warm up with a candle inside so care should be taken. if you choose to use a candle do not exceed half the height of the internal niche. 

We highly recommend a good quality LED Candle. Avoid the use of scented and paraffin candles as they will deposit brown fragrance stain and paraffin black soot.